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What kinds of electronic radiators are there? How to use it?

The types of electronic radiators can be roughly divided into: aluminium profile radiators, socket radiators, high density teeth radiators, combined radiators, plate radiators, shell radiators, spade teeth radiators, water-cooled radiators, heat pipe radiators, etc.

When the heat dissipation demand of users is relatively high, we should choose aluminium profile radiator or maybe spade tooth radiator. This is because the aluminium profile radiator is kneaded and shaped skillfully, the heat conduction rate is fast and the heat attenuation is very small, but many aluminium profile radiators do not necessarily meet the user's space plan of electronic devices, so we need to select the type according to the specifications and then milling the exterior and other methods. Processing and manufacturing.

1. When the electronic radiator is used in high voltage or high voltage devices, it is necessary to ensure the above-mentioned water quality appeal or high water quality appeal.

2. The quality of cooling water should be appealed for. The inlet water temperature should not be higher than 35 C and the water flow rate should be 4-18 L/min.

The resistivity of circulating water should be no less than 2.5Ki2 and the PH value should be between 6 and 9.

3. Water-cooled devices, water-cooled radiators and essential water circulation systems are needed for water-cooling.

4. When water-cooled radiators are working, special attention should be paid to preventing leakage, blocking and condensation.

5. When the air-cooled radiator is installed, the inlet air temperature is not higher than 400C and the inlet wind speed is 4-6mls. The radiator blades should follow the direction of the cooling air flow.

6. When choosing the radiator in the whole machine, we should check the heat resistance, flow resistance and wind speed curve of the radiator according to the request of load and the ability of the fan, and conclude two parameters of the heat resistance and wind resistance of the electronic radiator.

When the heat is transferred to the top of the electronic radiator, it is necessary to distribute the heat to the surrounding environment as soon as possible. For the air-cooled electronic radiator, it is necessary to exchange heat with the surrounding air.

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