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What should we pay attention to when using electronic radiator in high frequency situations?

When the equipment works above 6KHZ, the fastening screw and gland, such as partial heating effect, should be considered at the current frequency of the electronic radiator itself. When installing the user equipment, the position induction heating effect of the component should be kept strong. When necessary, stainless steel material can be considered.

Steel tube radiators are popular in Europe and then in the world with their elegance and richness. Construction in 1998

Ministry and China Construction Machinery Company took the lead in introducing electronic radiators into China in Europe. Their exquisite technology, excellent quality, gorgeous appearance and expensive price make users refreshed to enterprises and consumers, and they are well received by the people and reputation. These products have now become one of the best-selling products in the radiator market. The Ministry of Construction has specially formulated the industry standard products. Therefore, steel tube radiator, as the main radiator product promoted by the Ministry of Construction, is also a radiator with high market share in China.

After several years of actual use, it was found that the steel pipe radiator ointment, steel pipe radiator installation and use for a period of time, it is easy to leak in the weld. After careful analysis, it is found that there are two main reasons: one is the objective factor, the product introduction does not conform to China's national conditions; the current operation and management in China is heating, the quality of heating water is not good, the oxygen content of water is high, and the steel is easy to oxidize and corrode; the other is the subjective factor, the product introduction is made by thin steel plate through volume and forming pressure welding process, too many welding joints and too many welds. Long. Electronic radiator

(1) Opening ceremony (i.e. water divider) is formed by roll welding of two sheet steel plates and formed separately. The opening ceremony naturally consists of one week welding, including opening seams in areas where water accumulates easily.

(2) Vertical pipes are made of thin steel sheets, forming the welding method of seam welded pipes.

(3) Form the riser and open-welded radiator as a whole.

(4) The electronic radiators are welded to a single chip computer to form a group of radiators. Heating, not always during operation When filled with water, there will be an open air layer above; when heated water is stopped to empty, there will be residual water at the bottom of the opening which is difficult to drain, and the upper and lower seams are easy to corrode. The manufacturing process of such welded steel pipe radiator results in weld joint and weld length. In order to prevent the corrosion leakage of radiators, manufacturers need to learn various remedial measures, such as the use of anti-corrosion paint in steel pipe radiators, the addition of magnesium radiator poplar plate anti-corrosion protection, and so on, which can fundamentally solve the problem of corrosion leakage. It can make the original active anti-corrosion radiator passive anti-corrosion.

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