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Customer Service Hotline
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Desheng Electronics
  • True strength
    Plant area, excellent equipment, multiple production lines, daily production capacity up to thousands
  • Tolerance small
    The tolerance between the finished radiator and the design draft is small, and the coincidence can be maintained over 98%.
  • Excellent service
    From the design, proofing, packaging, shipment person responsible for follow-up, worry-free
  • Customizable
    Self-owned design team, providing design, proofing, 0 links for direct supply, eliminating intermediate links
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Desheng Electronics — Win Quality by Quality
High-quality radiators with complete specifications to meet your needs
  • High precision, long life
    High precision, long life
    Copper plugging process can greatly reduce the thermal resistance between contact surfaces, not only to ensure the tightness of copper-aluminium bonding, but also to make full use of the characteristics of rapid heat dissipation of aluminium and rapid heat absorption of copper.
  • Efficient heat dissipation and low noise
    Efficient heat dissipation and low noise
    Using scientific heat dissipation design and noise environment test, the heat dissipation equipment still keeps good heat dissipation to ensure the stable operation of the whole machine under the continuous high temperature working condition.
  • Manufacturing process
    Manufacturing process
    High thermal conductivity epoxy resin bonding, brazing and tin welding are adopted to improve the bonding performance Reliability and stability of heat dissipation to avoid risks
Dongguan Desheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  Dongguan Desheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional radiator manufacturer integrating design, development, production and sales.
The company mainly produces and operates various kinds of copper, aluminium, heat pipe radiators/radiators and
Various AC and DC fans. The company's heat dissipation products are widely used in computer motherboard, CPU processor
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