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What is the volume relationship of profile radiator?

There are many kinds and varieties of electronic radiators. The balance of radiators depends on its volume relationship. Good balance needs to be emphasized in balance. Profile radiators have outstanding volume sense, clear and reasonable lines, beautiful appearance, clear primary and secondary shapes, and attractive style characteristics. And there are many kinds of profile radiators, which have good heat dissipation effect and wide application range, and have been loved by many users.

Household electronic radiator equalization refers to the relative volume relationship between the upper and lower parts, the left and right parts, and the front and back parts. The visual satisfaction caused by balance seems to be related to the movement characteristics of the eye when observing the whole object. When the eyes look from one side to the other, attention wanders back and forth like a pendulum. If the attractions of the left and right halves are equal, they will end up at a point in the middle of the poles. If the center of equilibrium is calibrated forcefully so that the eyes can rest satisfactorily on it, a healthy and calm feeling will be created in the mind of the observer. Therefore, if radiator products want to have good balance, they must be emphasized in the balance center. If you arrange a series of arbitrary lengths with perpendicular lines of equal distance from each other, because these lines are arranged in an orderly manner, there will be a sense of balance. However, such a series seems to be moving indefinitely, its effect will be tedious, floating uneasily, because there is no place on which the eyes can rest. If a mark is placed in the center of such a set of vertical lines, or a closed mark is added on both sides, the emphasis on the center of equilibrium will produce a happy mood of satisfaction and stability, and the equilibrium of a series of vertical lines can be detected. This shows that even in simple compositions, it is important to emphasize the center of equilibrium.

Industrial household profiles radiator products have a certain volume of three-dimensional shape. It is not enough to deal with their contours only from the lines, but also from the volume of the relationship between the study. In the shape of profile radiator products, the volume contrast formed between the parts with clear demarcation line and volume components can enrich the shape change, highlight the sense of quantity of the main parts, and make the small parts more detailed and delicate, so that the primary and secondary relationship of the shape is clear and the style characteristics are prominent.

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