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What should be paid attention to in the use and installation of radiators?

Notes for product use:

1.The water quality of the heating system must meet the national standards for use.

2.Closed heating system is adopted. It is strictly forbidden to connect with pressure-free boilers and domestic water.

3.In normal use, if local heat is not present, please open the vent valve and release the blocking gas until the water overflows.

Close the exhaust valve when necessary.

4.Radiator surface should be kept clean regularly. Do not use organic solvent when scrubbing, but use soapy water or mild detergent to clean.

5.If the heat sink can not be maintained with full water, it must drain out the water in the radiator to form an anhydrous maintenance. It is strictly prohibited that the water in the radiator is unsatisfactory or that part of the water stays in the radiator for a long time.

6.In use, other objects should be prevented from impacting or scratching the radiator surface to avoid affecting its beauty.

7.The installation of radiators should be done by plumbing professionals.

Installation Notes

1.When opening the case, please carefully check whether the type and color of the radiator in the package are the same as those marked on the box. At the same time, attention should be paid to whether the signs and signs are complete, and special attention should be paid to the anti-counterfeiting signs and the product quality and safe use of each product.

2.There are six kinds of convection commonly used in radiators, which are shown in the following schematic drawings respectively. When installing, the pipelines should be reformed according to the installation drawings in this volume.

3.Each set of radiators shall be equipped with inlet and outlet valves.

4.Fixed radiator hangers should be calibrated with a horizontal ruler to ensure that the radiator is horizontal and vertical, and that the pipe fittings are connected with the radiator accurately.

5.Pressure test: After installation of radiator, pressure test must be carried out (as shown in the following figure). Close the main connecting valve, remove the plug at the lower end of radiator, connect the pressure test equipment with the lower outlet of radiator, press the pump manually to raise the pressure to 1.5 times the normal system pressure, stop the manual pressure pump and keep the experiment for 3-5 minutes, if the pressure gauge indicator needle remains unchanged. G.

6. Please do not remove the protective film of the package during installation, so as not to damage or scratch the film.

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