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Desheng Electronic Technology teaches you how to choose server radiator?

Selection of server radiator 2: The safety performance of radiator is very important;

There are many factors related to the safety performance, among which the radiator working pressure is an important one. Many radiators use bar as a unit. Most of the working pressure is above 10 bar. One bar can bear the pressure equivalent to 10 m water column. 10 bar is 100 m water column pressure. For the majority of users, 10 bar or more radiators should be a reasonable choice.

Selection of server radiator

For the same style, the same brand of goods, we should consider the quality, price, service and other aspects comprehensively.

Server Radiator Selection IV: Selection

When choosing the type, I should know the factors such as the water temperature of import and export, the room temperature, the heat load of the room, the height and width of the window sill, whether the heating system I use is an octopus system or a two-pipe system. That is to say, the heat dissipation of the radiator should be equal to the heat load of the room so as to meet our own heating requirements. Therefore, the corresponding type of the radiator can be found according to the selected table of the corresponding trader according to the calculated heat load value. Number.

Server Radiator Selection Five: Style Selection

Choose plate radiator or or column radiator. For small space, such as bathroom, you can choose column radiator, because it uses wall hanging type, can save indoor space; on the column can also hang towels or bake small clothes. For larger rooms, it is recommended to buy a higher column radiator.

Server Radiator Selection 6: Look at the manufacturer

Does the manufacturer have many years of experience in heating equipment production and whether the products meet the national standards?


Whether to provide good after-sales service, whether there is a professional plumbing measurement and installation team. Selection of Server Radiator VIII: Correct Concept

The heat dissipation has no practical relationship with the size of the inlet and outlet pipes. It mainly depends on the flow rate of water in the warm air. As long as the flow rate reaches the standard, the heat dissipation will also be guaranteed. It is wrong to think that the size of the inlet and outlet of the heating pipe is large and the heat dissipation performance is good.

Server Radiator Selection 9: Clear Contract

The name, specification, material, quantity, price, amount and acceptance standard of radiator shall be specified in the contract. In addition, we also need to know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of heating company, so that quality problems can be solved in time.

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