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How much do you know about the flushing tips of aluminium radiators?

After cutting, cutting, drilling, and a series of processed aluminium radiators, some cutting fluid or grease may remain on the surface, which needs to be washed and dried before packaging. Each electronic radiator manufacturer has its own tips to quickly rinse and clean. The following is a summary.

1.Avoid contact with other chemical solvents, because aluminum itself is a non-ferrous metal, which may cause chemical reactions. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis and corrosive substances.

2.The water used for flushing should be clean water source, so as to prevent the dirt from blocking the holes in the radiator of aluminium profile after flushing with sewage.

3.If antirust liquid is used, the long-term antirust and antifreeze liquid manufactured by a regular manufacturer and conforming to the national standard should be selected.

4.When installing, please do not damage the radiator belt (sheet) or touch the radiator to ensure the heat dissipation ability and heat dissipation ability. Seal up. Aluminium Radiator

5.When discharging water in the electronic radiator and then filling water, the discharging switch of the engine cylinder block should be turned off first, and there is water flowing out. Turn it off again to avoid blisters.

6.Water level should be checked in daily use, and water should be added after shutdown and cooling. When adding water, the cover of the water tank should be opened slowly, and the operator's body should be as far away from the nozzle as possible to prevent scalding caused by the ejection of high-pressure steam oil nozzle. Aluminium Radiator

7.In order to prevent the core from cracking due to icing in winter, if long-term or indirect parking, the water tank cover should be put in place. And the water discharge switch, all the water will be released.

8.After washing and drying the finished products, the storage area should be tidied up and the humidity should be controlled to prevent them from being packed and sealed. Oxidation discoloration.

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