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What is a copper-aluminium composite radiator? What are its advantages?

Copper-aluminium composite radiator:

Copper-aluminium composite radiator is a kind of copper channel radiator. It mostly adopts "double channel" mode. Although the thickness of radiator increases, it has ideal heat dissipation. The heat dissipation of three-dimensional double-channel radiator is 80% higher than that of traditional single-channel radiator; the optimized convective space reduces the consumption and reduces the resource consumption under the condition of equal heat dissipation.

Copper-aluminium composite radiator, also known as copper-aluminium composite radiator, is a kind of heat dissipation element at the end of heating system made of copper tube and aluminium airfoil by precise pressure-rising process. The water-carrying part is copper tube and the heat dissipation part is alloy aluminium. It is a kind of copper-aluminium composite radiator with high efficiency and energy-saving, which is developed and produced in recent years. Its appearance can be varied. Can achieve different consumer consumption concept.

Product advantages

Because of its amazing heat conduction speed and physical characteristics of recycling use, as well as excellent anti-corrosion performance, wide applicability, better thermal price ratio, higher value-keeping rate and beautiful appearance, copper-aluminium composite radiator will become the dominant new radiator for a long time in the future, making heat dissipation easy and creating infinite possibilities.

Advantages of Copper-Aluminum Composite Radiator

1.Economy and Decoration

Because the thermal conductivity of copper and aluminium is very good, the heat dissipation capacity of copper-aluminium radiator is much higher than that of other materials, and its thermal price ratio is also much higher than that of other materials. Because copper and aluminium belong to non-ferrous metals, their value increases with time, so the preservation rate of copper-aluminium composite radiator is much higher than that of other materials.

2.Comprehensive mechanical properties

Aluminum alloy profiles are widely used in China's construction industry because of their high strength, good water tightness and air tightness, good thermal conductivity, exquisite appearance and simple processing. Especially its good thermal conductivity has been paid attention by many radiator manufacturers in recent years.

3.Resistance to alkaline water corrosion

Copper-aluminium composite radiator is manufactured by advanced inward flanging hydraulic expansion patented technology. Accurate process parameters can completely eliminate the gap between copper tube and aluminium profile tube. The heat medium flowing through the coupling tube and radiator tube of the radiator are all copper tubes, which have strong corrosion resistance and need not be treated with internal corrosion protection. Therefore, it has good corrosion resistance to alkaline water. Under the condition of high alkalinity water quality, if the annual corrosion rate is analyzed at 0.005mm/year, the copper-aluminium composite column-wing radiator can have 50 years of corrosion resistance. Under this condition, there is room to be left, and the service life of the radiator can be guaranteed for more than 30 years.

4.Wide applicability

Copper-aluminium composite plate heating radiator is composed of copper and aluminium profiles. The aluminum profiles and copper tubes are closely combined by high-pressure expansion through equipment. Several columns are assembled and welded, and functional decorative parts are assembled on both sides to form a plate radiator. Its shape is similar to that of steel plate radiator. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, light weight, high pressure, good heat dissipation effect (radiation, convection), suitable for heating system.

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