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How many types of profiled radiators are there according to material?

Profile radiator is one of the two widely used electronic radiators, and it is widely used in many aspects. Profile radiators can be divided into four categories according to their materials: steel radiators, aluminium radiators, copper radiators and copper-aluminium composite radiators. Below is the introduction of the following centralized profile radiator.

steel radiator

Steel Tube Radiator Steel Tube Radiator Steel Tube Radiator Steel Tube Radiator Steel Tube Radiator, which originated in Europe, has decades of history, entered the market in China at the end of the 20th century; beautiful appearance, changing the rough appearance of traditional cast iron radiator; thinner radiator thickness, only 5 cm thick, less occupying room space; diverse shape, to meet the needs of modern people in pursuit of personalization. Requirement; Rich color, suitable for different color home decoration style; light weight, small water capacity, use of environmental protection; The disadvantage is that if the internal anti-corrosion technology is not adopted, the radiator will be corroded and leaked.

aluminium radiator

Aluminum Radiator Aluminum Radiator Aluminum Radiator Aluminum Radiator Aluminum Radiator in China's market for the majority of extruded aluminum profiles, welded radiators. The strength of welding joints produced by some manufacturers can not be guaranteed, which is easy to cause problems and water leakage. In addition, the aluminium radiator is not suitable for alkaline water quality because of alkaline reaction between aluminium and water and alkaline corrosion, resulting in perforation of aluminium and leakage of radiator. Aluminum radiator is a low-grade radiator because of its simple shape and poor decoration.

Compared with steel radiator, aluminum radiator has lower price due to the difference of raw materials and manufacturing process; faster heat dissipation and lighter weight; shortcomings of aluminum radiator: alkaline corrosion in alkaline water. Therefore, it must be used in acidic water (PH value < 7), and most of the boiler water PH value is greater than 7, which is not conducive to the use of aluminum radiators.

Copper radiator

The advantages of copper radiator: copper has the high strength of general metal; at the same time, it is not easy to crack and break; and it has the ability to resist frost heave and impact; the reason why copper has such excellent and stable performance is that the order of copper in the chemical sequence is very low, only higher than silver, platinum, gold, stable performance, not easy to be corroded. Because of the strong corrosion resistance of copper pipe fittings, impurities will not dissolve into the water, which can keep the water clean and sanitary. Therefore, the copper pipe heating system in the building is safe and reliable to use, even without maintenance and maintenance. Copper pipes and fittings can still maintain their shape and strength at high temperature, and there will be no long-term aging phenomenon. Under the conditions of high heat, high pressure, near fire and corrosion, users are always afraid of accidents when using other pipe fittings. But with copper pipe fittings, there is no need to be afraid, can rest assured. Never corrode, durable, is the top product in the radiator.

The disadvantage of copper radiator: high price.

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