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Desheng Electronics: What are the advantages, disadvantages and classifications of aluminium radiators?

According to different manufacturing methods, aluminum radiators can be divided into five categories: die-casting aluminum radiators, profiled aluminum radiators, composite aluminum radiators, Copper-aluminum radiators and steel-aluminum radiators.

Profile aluminium radiator, copper-aluminium composite radiator and welded steel-aluminium composite radiator are all radiators with Chinese characteristics. They have application occasions, but their shapes are common and easy to smoke, so they are not suitable for use in heating systems.

Die-casting aluminium radiator and composite aluminium radiator are the preferred radiators for heating systems with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, low thermal inertia and large heat dissipation.

Composite aluminium radiator is based on the shape and structure of European die-casting aluminium radiator. The head and tail with complex shape and structure are formed by die-casting aluminium, while the middle part with high pressure and heat dissipation requirements is formed by stretching aluminium profile, and then the head, tail and middle cylinder are formed by composite forming. It concentrates the advantages of die-casting aluminium radiator and profile aluminium radiator, but the key is the reliability of composite. The "O" ring plus laser welding double sealing compound technology of Ningbo Ningxing Jinhai Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. solved the reliability problem in the compound process. Compared with the European die-casting aluminum radiator, the European high-efficiency composite aluminum radiator in Ningxing Jinhai not only maintains the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and large heat dissipation, but also overcomes the shortcomings of high requirements for equipment, materials, technology, easy cracking of the middle chamber, dead water zone at the tail, and has large heat dissipation and pressure resistance. Compared with profile aluminium radiator, this radiator not only maintains the advantages of easy processing and large heat dissipation, but also overcomes the shortcomings of common shape, easy fumigation and low welding efficiency. In addition to the above advantages, in the case of stable water quality, its service life can reach 10 years or even more than 20 years, so the aluminum radiator is the ideal radiator in the heating system.

In addition, there is a die-casting steel-aluminium composite radiator is also a technological innovation product. It has the advantages of European die-casting aluminium radiator, such as beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high pressure resistance of steel radiator and no fear of alkali corrosion. Therefore, it has good market prospects for replacing cast iron radiator and steel radiator in central heating system.

In a word, heating system will gradually become the mainstream of heating system in our country, and aluminum radiator will get rapid development.

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